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Websites for Home Builders

Who is The Website Empire

You’ll recognise the name, Anthony Flynn, the main man behind Flynn Tarps. Well Anthony has teamed up with his partner-in-crime, Liz Murphy, to embark on a web adventure (whilst still servicing his tarp customers).

After rocking the building scene for a whopping 33 years, Anthony is bringing his web wisdom to the table, joining forces with Liz and her design wizardry.

Together, they’re on a mission to up the website game for builders, making it a breeze to build or renovate your online space.

Forget the headaches and hassles – these two are here to make the process smooth, seamless, and downright fun! Well, mainly Liz and her team.

The goal? Crafting websites that leave a potential customer wowed from the very first click.


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A website audit is a plunge into your site’s DNA to discover its superpowers and areas that could use a little boost. From performance (think speed) and engaging content to user experience and security. An audit is a quest to unveil hidden treasures of improvement, seamless functionality, top-notch visibility, and user happiness.

Yes they do! And for a number of reasons. It’s like trying to keep up with the cool kids at a tech party – yesterday’s cutting-edge design and functionality can swiftly turn into today’s digital vintage. Technological advancements, shifts in user expectations, and updates to search engine algorithms (yes, we’re looking at you Google) play a role in pushing websites to stay on their toes. So, a website makeover helps your brand to stay fresh, relevant, and ready to impress in the fast-paced digital world.

Just like your trusty toolbox needs periodic upgrades, websites demand consistent attention to stay at the peak of their game. Whether it’s reinforcing security, updating content, or fine-tuning performance, keeping everything up-to-date ensures your online presence always showcases the best of your craftsmanship.

We’re all about keeping up with the Joneses – or, in this case, the skyrocketing expectations of potential clients.

This isn’t just a makeover. It’s a chance to level up the functionality, splash some fresh paint on those images and content, and, of course, keep the Google gods smiling down upon you. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about making that stellar first impression from the very first click.

Picture the sheer delight your client gets from an extraordinary home renovation that turned their dream into the breathtaking reality they never knew they needed.

The same can be said for a website renovation.

From Google going gaga for your spruced-up website, upgraded security measures, to faster load time and some mobile magic. It’s all about user love!

Boom, you nailed it! We’re all about unleashing your awesomeness on social media! But hey, let’s spill the beans: Facebook and Insta are like the cool kids’ party, and you’re just a guest.

Guess what? Party rules change, and they love to throw curveballs. Your profiles might get a makeover without your consent! 😱 Enter your own website. You own that turf! No unexpected changes, no social media drama.

Your business is rockin’ the word-of-mouth magic, and that’s awesome. Now, picture this – a future pipeline bursting with projects you’re totally vibing with. How? Dive into the online realm and let your digital swagger pave the way!

We’re not your ordinary website architects, we’ve battled the website woes and faced challenges head on.

It’s why Liz levelled up her web design skills – all with the goal of throwing frustration in the backseat for businesses, and making ‘smooth’ the name of the game.

You’re here because you’re already acquainted with the Flynn Tarp brand so you know you’re in good hands.