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Our Web Design Process

Our mission is to facilitate the online presence of your business in the simplest and most hassle-free manner.

We recognise the challenges faced by business owners because we experience them in our own business. We know the constant juggle of competing priorities and time constraints.

This understanding drives us to maintain an efficient process, aiming to minimise your involvement and maximise the ease of getting your brand online.

Step 1 - The Consult

This involves scheduling a one hour meeting at your convenience, either by phone or in person if you’re based on the Sunshine Coast.

During this time, we’ll be eager and prepared to delve into getting to know you and your business intimately, gaining a thorough understanding of your goals.

This initial interaction sets the stage for agreeing upon a blueprint for your website, propelling us seamlessly into Step Two.

Step 2 - The Review

Building upon the insights gathered during Step One, we’ve been diligently crafting and constructing your website.

Now, it’s your turn to provide the first round of feedback. We’ll walk through the site page by page, meticulously addressing each element.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we’re committed to ensuring the site not only meets but exceeds your expectations!

Important note: There will be instances where we require feedback from you. A swift response from your end is highly appreciated, as it enables us to ensure timely delivery of your project. Rest assured, our streamlined process is designed to effectively manage these situations, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration.

Step 3 - Pre Launch and Launch

In Step Three, you’ll be invited to share your second round of feedback before the website’s official launch.

After incorporating your input, we’ll initiate our thorough 25-point checklist to ensure everything is in prime condition before hitting the Publish button!

This marks an exhilarating moment for you and your business as it’s time to unveil your online presence to the world!

Step 4 - Post Launch

In Step Four, the Post-Launch phase is tailored to your preferences, aligning with our discussions from Step One.

The crucial aspect is that we don’t adopt a set-and-forget approach; we remain engaged and in communication, catering to your specific needs.

The ongoing success of your website relies on its continued visual appeal, strong rankings, and regular maintenance – we’re committed to ensuring those key elements are consistently upheld.